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Kiss Radio dj & Lounge bar owner Tony 桑 Interview 😄

June 5, 2021

Kiss Radio DJ 🎤and owner of Roof Lounge Bar in Southern Taiwan, Tony Jiang shares his experience working in media and his personal taste and method in restaurant management. He also talks about an unforgettable and scary experience hosting a midnight live show during the big earthquake back in 1999.

Also, if you are feeling lost in your life and don't know what to choose as a future career, Tony got some really good advice for you. 


南台湾 Kiss Radio dj 与 ”屋顶“ 泰式餐馆🍚老板 Tony 桑分享他个人独特的餐馆经营理念, 也笑谈在多年前 921 大地震时他半夜在高空作现场节目时的惊魂体验!

另外, 还在为自己未来志向烦恼的朋友, Tony 有他最诚恳的建议给你哦!






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